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What's the difference between MCLE and TexasBarCLE?

TexasBarCLE is not the MCLE regulatory department of the State Bar of Texas. TexasBarCLE is a provider of CLE programs and, like other providers, is regulated by the MCLE department.

The following are some commonly asked questions that must be directed to MCLE, not TexasBarCLE. (Contact information for MCLE appears below.)
  1. How many CLE hours do I need? How many CLE hours do I need a year? How/Where can I record my CLE hours?
  2. Where do I send in my CLE credit forms? Where do we send applications for accreditation?
  3. How can we become a course sponsor? How can we get our course approved for MCLE credits? Where can we get CLE credit input forms?
  4. How can I get an extension on my CLE hours? How do I get exempt from CLE hours?
  5. Where can I get a letter verifying my CLE history?
  6. Where can I find a list of CLE providers in Texas? Where can I search through all Texas MCLE courses?
  7. Where can I check on my Ad Litem certification?
  8. Where can I get a new supply of CLE scantron cards?
  9. How do I get credit for an out of state seminar? Where can I download MCLE forms?
  10. My organization is an accredited MCLE sponsor already. Where is the sponsor login? Where do I edit courses?
All of these questions require MCLE contact. MCLE rules & regulations are on their website. CLE reporting information can be accessed by going to the MyBarPage of the website.

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MCLE Contact Information:
State Bar of Texas
MCLE Department
P.O. Box 13007
Austin, Texas 78711-3007
Phone: 512-427-1806
FAX: 512-427-4123
MCLE Information or Contact Information:
For questions or comments about or MyBarPage, please submit your inquiry here. For either site you can also call (800) 204-2222, Ext. 6836.

To report or check on MCLE hours, go to MyBarPage of

TexasBarCLE Contact Info

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about TexasBarCLE, please use our Contact Us page to receive the quickest response.

Website and Online Customer Service:

Live Seminar Registration:

Fax: 512-463-1418

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12487
Austin, Texas 78711-2487

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Seminars: Events held at a hotel or conference center

What are the registration options for a TexasBarCLE seminar? What seminars are currently being held?

You may register for seminars online at under the Live Courses/Video Replays menu. For all seminars (except webcasts and online classes), we accept checks, credit cards, purchase orders, and cash payments. To register for a seminar using a credit card by phone, please call our registration department at 512-427-1574. To register by fax or mail, please see the contact info above.

Can I get verification that I am registered?

For verification of registration for any seminar, you may either check My Purchases on, or contact the registration department.

How do I find out more detailed information about a seminar?

See's Live Courses/Video Replays section for course brochures or choose Online Classroom or Webcasts for info about online seminars. Search for the event or online class and then choose the More Info or View Topics link.

What number do I call if I need special accommodations to attend a seminar?

If you need special accommodations to attend, please contact us as soon as possible at 512-427-1748.

What if I can't make it to the seminar? Can I transfer from one course to another? What if I need to cancel?

If you register for a seminar but cannot attend, you can still earn MCLE credit by 1) transferring your registration to a later presentation by calling our registration department OR 2) take the course online later under Classes/MP3s from My CLE Events. Please note that it takes 6-8 weeks from the date of the live seminar before it is available online.

If you do not want the CLE and wish to request a refund, mail or fax your request so that we receive it at least one business day before the seminar.

How do I find the free online benefits for my seminar registration? How long does it take before they are available online?

Free online benefits are found in the middle home page under My Online Benefits and then Classes/MP3s from My CLE Events. To access just the articles, see Individual Articles from My CLE Events and Free Articles from Seminars You've Attended.

Please note that it takes 6-8 weeks from the date of the live seminar before it is available online. During summer months, please be patient with us as we have our largest course load at that time.

How do I get a certificate of attendance or a receipt from a TexasBarCLE seminar that I attended?

TexasBarCLE purchases and registrations are listed under My Purchases on If you need a more formal certificate or receipt for a live or video replay, please contact the registration department.

For online classes/webcasts it is recommended that users print out the Statement of Attendance upon completion. You may check your TexasBarCLE credit hours by selecting My Purchases while logged into your TexasBarCLE profile.

How do I apply to be a speaker at a TexasBarCLE seminar?

Fill out our Potential Speaker Interest Form & return it via e-mail to our staff, along with a resume and any sample articles or publications. Once we receive the completed form, we will share it with our planning teams and file it in our database for future reference.

Our group is interested in being an exhibitor at a seminar. How do we do this?

TexasBarCLE accepts exhibitor requests at most courses. However, each instance is unique, and we encourage you to reach out for more specific information. In addition, our policy prohibits us from allowing law firms or individual lawyers from exhibiting. If you would like to sponsor or make a financial contribution to a TexasBarCLE event, please contact us via e-mail at or by phone at 512-427-1797.

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LogIn/UserProfile Issues

I changed my profile with the State Bar of Texas (or the MyBarPage), and everything was updated. Why can I not log in to TexasBarCLE now? and are completely independent of one another, and have separate logins, so updating one will not affect the other. The TexasBarCLE site uses a login e-mail address and password, and (including MCLE and the MyBarPage there) uses your bar number and password.

I have forgotten my registered e-mail address and/or password. How do I log in?

If you have forgotten your password, see the prompt on the log in page to have one emailed to you at the email address under which you registered. If you have forgotten your password AND you have changed email addresses, please submit your inquiry. Please include your full name, bar card number and the email address you wish to use for registration.

If you need to change your email address, just log in using your old email address and then click on the My User Profile button. Edit your email address or any other personal information that you wish to change. Be sure to click on Save at the bottom of the page. You may use the My User Profile button to change any of your personal information at any time.

How do I register as a new user with TexasBarCLE?

If you are not registered with this site, click on Log In button in the left hand column and then choose New User? Click here if you are not currently registered with this site. Enter your last name and bar card number and then fill in the registration form on the next page. Be sure to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

If you are not a member of the Texas Bar and wish to register with the site, scroll down the New User page to see:

If you are NOT a member of the Texas Bar and wish to become a registered user of the site (at no cost), click here.

I am not an attorney. May I log in to TexasBarCLE? May I register for seminars?

Yes. is open to non-attorneys. Seminars, online classes, and other products may be purchased by anyone. However, TexasBarCLE does have some areas that are only accessible by attorneys.

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The Online Classroom

What is an online class? How do they work? Are online classes eligible for MCLE credit?

TexasBarCLE's online classes are taped topics from live events and webcasts, streamed via the Internet. You may view and/or listen to online classes for full MCLE credit. You may take all 15 hours of your yearly CLE from our Online Classroom.

Do I have to take my online class right away? Can I pause to take a break & resume it at a later time?

Online classes may be taken at your leisure once you have completed your purchase. Online classes are available for you to access as often as you like. Please note: Check the accreditation date before reviewing an older online class. You will be able to access the video, but if the course number has expired you will not be able to receive MCLE Credit.

What software do I need to use the Online Classroom?

You only need a standard web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.), Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view materials). The newest versions of these browsers are recommended to minimize problems.

My online class has stopped and it started over from the beginning! How do I get back to where I left off?

The classes are intended to allow a viewer to navigate the audio & video as desired. However, each browser's controls are different, and not all controls function as intended, as they are potentially limited by the player. The player will allow you to start your class from where you previously left off. However, if you would like to advance your class you may do so by dragging the scrub bar below the video screen to your desired playback point. For minimum trouble and maximum control options, use Internet Explorer for Windows systems, and Safari for Macintosh. You may advance your class in your browser by dragging the scrub bar below the video screen to your desired playback point. Please allow for some delay due to the media needing to buffer (catch up).

Can I use the America Online viewer with the Online Classroom?

Yes, you may use the AOL player, but some functionality, such as class controls may be lost. It is recommended that you use a full version of Internet Explorer instead. If you do use the AOL player, please use the newest version possible.

I just purchased a class recently and it has disappeared! Where can I find my classes?

Online classes appear on the home page of under My Current Online Classes until you claim credit for them on our website. After you have claimed credit on, the class link may be accessed under My Purchases. You must be logged in to see these links.

When I click Claim Credit it takes me to the home page. How do I access the Claim Credit areas?

When you are directed back to the home page, it is due to the website timing out. This occurs when there is an extended period of inactivity (for example, while watching an online class), as there is no interaction between the user and the web site. Just log back in to the website and return to your online class. You will be able to access the Evaluate and Claim Credit tabs without needing to start the video again.

Do I have to read the materials for my CLE credit? Can I read the materials for credit instead of watching/listening to the class?

Online class materials are supplemental for the class, and do not count toward CLE credit. They are supplied as reference and additional educational purposes. You do not have to read them, nor are they substitutions for watching/listening to the class itself. Additionally, we have no text transcriptions of classes.

How do I claim credit?

When you have completed the online class, click on Claim Credit in the gray horizontal bar above the video. This will bring up the "Statement of Attendance" for the class. Make sure your "Statement of Attendance" is correct, and then click Submit Hours at the bottom of the page.

My credit hours are not showing up on my MCLE records and I just claimed credit! Why?

TexasBarCLE submits Online Classroom attendance to the MCLE department each Monday for the prior week ending at 11:59 PM Sunday. It is recommended that you self report your hours as well. For quicker and/or immediate reporting, especially in deadline-driven conditions, please login to and claim your hours.

Where can I find a class for my TBLS specialty?

If you need an online event immediately, you may find specialty courses under the Online Classroom. See the View Topics link for Texas Board of Legal Specialization information.

Does TexasBarCLE offer any free online CLE classes?

TexasBarCLE offers a half hour complimentary online class that may be used for MCLE credit. You will find a new topic available approximately every other month. We offer 3 free hours of CLE each year, with 1 free hour of ethics.

Where do I find the online classes for ad litem certification?

Search the Online Classroom for "ad litem" to find our current class for Guardian Ad Litem certification for Texas Probate Court.

Guardianship ad litem FAQ's from MCLE

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MP3s of Online Classes

What is an MP3?

MP3s are downloadable audio files you can listen to on an MP3-compatible device (like a smart phone, or tablet) or computer.

How do I listen to an MP3 of my online class?

On the online class viewing page, click on the "MP3 Option" link in the horizontal banner at the top of the page.
  • To listen instantly: Click on an MP3 file link listed with your online class-the audio file will soon begin playing.

  • To download to your computer for later listening or transfer to a portable MP3 device: Right-click on an MP3 file link and select "Save As Target," select a folder in which to save your MP3 file, and then click "Save." You now can either listen to the file or transfer it to an MP3 device.

  • To transfer downloaded MP3 files to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad: Download the MP3 file. Open iTunes. Click "File," then "Add File to Library." Select the MP3 file you downloaded and click "Open" to import into iTunes. (Click here to learn more from Apple's website about managing content on an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.)

By downloading any MP3 files on, you are agreeing to the terms of our Online Classroom Usage Agreement, which prohibits transferring these files to unauthorized third parties.

Can you troubleshoot technical issues with my portable MP3 player?

Due to the large number of MP3-compatible devices, TexasBarCLE cannot provide technical assistance regarding transferring these files to your specific device.

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Mobile-Friendly Online Classes

What is a Mobile-Friendly Online Class?

A mobile-friendly online class is one that has been specifically optimized for viewing on a mobile device like a smartphone and tablet, regardless of whether it is an Apple or Android device. The viewing experience and MCLE credit-claiming process are analogous to taking the class on a desktop computer or laptop.

Which mobile devices will play my online classes?

Your online classes will play on:
  • Apple iPhones & iPads.
  • Android 2.3.3 devices or updated versions.
  • Windows Mobile 8.1 devices or updated versions.
  • Any other mobile OS that supports h.264/AAC playback in an HTML5 container (e.g., WebOS).
Note: You can purchase an online class on your mobile device and view it later on your desktop computer or laptop, or download it as an audio MP3 file, by logging in to

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What are Webcasts? Do they qualify for MCLE credit?

TexasBarCLE Webcasts are studio-produced video events broadcast from the Texas Law Center in Austin. Most include panel discussions and feature the most up-to-date topics and information possible. Webcasts do qualify for full MCLE credit.

I am having trouble getting a webcast to load. Where do I get help?

If a webcast page doesn't load properly or you receive a connection error, please try refreshing your browser page. If you need assistance in viewing a webcast, please use our Contact Us page to receive the quickest response.

How do I register for a webcast?

For a list of all upcoming webcasts, select Webcasts, located in the left hand column on After you register for a webcast, it will be listed on the home page under My Current Webcast Events. One week prior to the webcast, a 'Test Your System' link will appear. This link will direct you to a sample webcast page. If you see the animated 'Webcast test' page and hear the music playing, you should be set to view the webcast. From the test page, you can also obtain the written materials for the webcast if any are provided.

Half an hour before the webcast begins, the 'Test Your System' link on the home page will change to 'Join Webcast'. Once you see the 'Join Webcast' link, you may go to the webcast seminar page.

Do I have to view the webcast at the scheduled date and time? What happens if I miss the webcast?

If you cannot watch the entire webcast, it will be archived and available within 1-3 business days for your review through the remainder of the year. From the archive screen you can complete the viewing of the program and claim any MCLE credit, if applicable. To access the archived webcast, see My Purchases.

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The Online Library

What is the Online Library? Is there a subscription service? Can I buy individual articles?

The Online Library is an ongoing collection of high-quality articles from TexasBarCLE course books. The Library consists of TexasBarCLE articles dating from 1998 - present.

It costs nothing to search the CLE articles. Enter a word or phrase in the search engine, choose what areas of law to search and, within seconds, you're shown a list of pertinent articles. You can view each article's table of contents, and 'Look Inside' – for the context of of the word or phrase where it appears - so you can get an idea about whether that article fits your needs.

Pay online with a credit card and download the articles you want. You can purchase articles individually for $29 each plus tax. Or you may purchase an annual subscription to the Library for $295 plus tax and download all the articles you want for a full year. Pay for a year up front for a discounted rate or bill your credit card monthly. The Library will continue to grow during your subscription, as new articles come online upon completion of a TexasBarCLE course. We offer limited scholarships for the Online Library as well as many discounts for different sections and groups.

What software do I need to use the Online Library?

You need an Internet browser to search and Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view articles.

May I use the Online Library for CLE purposes?

You may use the articles in the Online Library for self-study CLE purposes.

Is there a CLE subscription service for the Online Classroom that is similar to the Online Library's subscription?

There is currently no subscription for CLE classes at

I am a Texas Bar College member and cannot access the Online Library for free as stated in my member benefits. How do I activate my complimentary subscription?

Texas Bar College members will need to contact Katherine Korrodi at 512-427-1819 or by email to receive your complimentary Online Library subscription.

How do I find articles prior to 1998 from the Online Library?

TexasBarCLE does not maintain articles prior to 1998. The only place left to attempt to find older articles is through the State Bar of Texas' Archives department. You may contact them at 512-427-1311.

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Online Purchase Issues

I am exempt from sales taxes. How do I proceed?

For tax-exempt sales, please complete and return this Tax Resale Certificate, then contact the Sales Desk at 512-427-1411 to make a purchase.

I am having trouble with a credit card purchase on TexasBarCLE. The site says my payment is not authorized.

If the site says your transaction was not authorized, please ensure that the card information was entered correctly with no spaces, etc. If you have ensured that the information has been entered correctly you may need to contact the financial institution that issued your card to authorize the charge.

I am not certain that my purchase on was completed. How do I check to see if my purchase was successful? will provide a confirmation and thank you page after a successful purchase. Additionally, you may also check under My Purchases. All of your TexasBarCLE purchases are listed there in order by year. If you do not see your purchase and price listed, your purchase did not go through. Please contact us for help.

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Flash CLE

Do you have seminars on flash drives that I can watch in my office?

TexasBarCLE offers full courses on flash drives through our Flash CLE service. Select from hundreds of lectures and reference-quality course articles covering a full range of CLE, from basic training to advanced, specialized instruction. View your program in the privacy of your office or home, according to your schedule. Please place your Flash CLE order at least four weeks before the date you plan to view it. Due to the large volume of topics and requests, we can only produce flash drives for entire programs, not individual topics. If you have any questions, please call Flash CLE at 512-427-1575 or e-mail Flash CLE.

I am out of the state (or country) and need help getting CLE hours. What are my options?

For on-demand CLE that you may do by yourself at any time of day, try the Online Classroom. If you have time, order Flash CLE.

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I need general information about a specific book or publication. I would also like to purchase a book directly and/or need expedited shipping.

A web team member can provide you with any information regarding course books. Please call 512-427-1749, or use our Contact Us page to receive the quickest response.

I purchased a book online, but the website didn't ask for my shipping address. How do I confirm it and/or specify an address for where I want the book shipped?

Your book will be shipped to the address listed in My User Profile. If this address is incorrect, you may edit it and contact us for confirmation.

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Firm & Group Discounts

Do you have any group or law firm discounts for CLE seminars or books?

To help your firm devise CLE strategies, cut CLE costs, and access a wider range of CLE products, offers you a new partner. Firm & Group Sales Manager, Nancy Van Bramer, will help identify your firm's specific needs and suggest ways to keep up to date in its practice areas, efficiently and affordably.

Nancy can help establish an across-the-board discount on online registrations and purchases, including such in-demand reference volumes as the Texas Pattern Jury Charges series. She can also arrange discounts based on volume buys and the number of attorneys involved.

For more information, please contact Nancy Van Bramer at 512-263-2802 or

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Free Legal Research

Casemaker-Fastcase Merger
The State Bar of Texas has provided free access to legal research through both Fastcase and Casemaker as a member benefit for many years. In January 2021, Fastcase and Casemaker merged and will be combining to offer a comprehensive set of tools and products under one platform: Fastcase. Texas lawyers will now see new innovations in citator, docket analytics, and workflow tools, maximizing your bar member benefit.

What it means for Texas lawyers
If you have been using Casemaker exclusively, we encourage you to start using Fastcase and explore the platform. Access to the Casemaker platform is expected to end on September 30, 2021. To help ease your transition, visit the Fastcase Resource Library where you can access tutorial videos, register for training webinars, and find answers to your questions.

What is Fastcase?
More than 1.1 million lawyers nationwide subscribe to Fastcase's legal research tools. They offer primary legal research, as well as more than 750 books, treatises, and journals to their users. Fastcase also integrates with Docket Alarm's briefs, pleadings, and motions database and syncs with a mobile app, on iOS and Android.

How to use Briefs, Pleadings, Motions, and Orders (BPMO) in Fastcase
In March 2022, Fastcase and the State Bar of Texas announced they had partnered to provide all active State Bar members free access to Fastcase's vast collection of briefs, pleadings, motions, and orders powered by Docket Alarm within the Fastcase legal research platform. Follow the links below for instructions on how to use this new member benefit.

How-to video
How-to guide

If you have additional questions, please see the contact information for Fastcase below.

Phone: 866-773-2782 / Email:

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Does the State Bar of Texas offer scholarships to TexasBarCLE programs?

TexasBarCLE offers a limited number of scholarships to attend a live course, video replay, archived online class, or webcast, or to subscribe to our Online Library. Please click here for the scholarship application form.

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Where can I update my contact information for the State Bar of Texas? How do I change my name with the Bar? Where do I get a letter of good standing?

Where can I take the mandatory course, "A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice?"
Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

Is there any insurance offered by the Bar for attorneys or their staff?
State Bar of Texas Insurance Trust

Where do I go for attorney complaints and disputes?
Chief Disciplinary Counsel (CDC)

Where do I edit my IOLTA account?
Texas Equal Access to Justice

Where can I go for help with my paralegal hours? How do I become a certified paralegal?
Texas Paralegal Division

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