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How Do I Convert Word Forms to WordPerfect?



  • See the cautions about MS Word forms opened in WordPerfect.

  • The forms files for the latest TexasBarBooks digital downloads reside inside the installed digital download's "Source_files" folder. If a TexasBarBooks digital download includes Word documents but doesn't contain a "Source_files" folder, try the "Forms" folder or its equivalent. See how the various products are organized here.

You may convert Word files to WordPerfect on an as-needed basis one file at a time, or you may batch-convert entire folders of files in a single process.

  • Converting individual files on an as-needed basis

    To convert a single Word file to WordPerfect, follow the instructions below:

    1. Launch WordPerfect.

    2. From WordPerfect's menu bar, select File > Open.

    3. In the "Open File" window, navigate to and open the desired Word file. To ensure that Word file names appear in WordPerfect's "Open File" window, make certain that the window's "File type" option is set to "All Files."

    4. With the selected Word file open in WordPerfect, from the WordPerfect menu bar, select View > Hidden Text.

    5. From the WordPerfect menu bar, select File > Save As and save the converted file with the desired file name at the desired location.

  • Batch-converting entire folders of files

    With WordPerfect versions 11 and later, it's possible to batch-convert several or all of the digital download's Word files to WordPerfect in a single process. To launch the WordPerfect batch-conversion utility, follow the instructions below:

    1. Click the "Start" button on your computer's task bar. This button is usually at the bottom left corner of your screen.

    2. Select the "(All) Programs" menu item.

    3. From the list of programs that should appear, select "WordPerfect Office" or its equivalent.

    4. From the list of options that should appear for that program, select "Utilities."

    5. From the list of utilities that should appear, select "Conversion Utility."

    6. In the WordPerfect Office Conversion Utility window, click the "Add . . ." button.

    7. The Select Files to be Converted window should open. In that window, navigate to the folder containing the digital download's Word files, select the desired files, click that window's "Add" button, and then click the WordPerfect Office Conversion Utility window's "OK" button.

    Hints: After batch-converting a folder of files, it's a good idea to compare the number of Word files in the source folder and the number of WordPerfect files created in the destination folder to ensure that the desired number of files has in fact been generated. The conversion utility does not generally alert the user if a file fails to convert; it will simply not be generated. It's also a good idea to review the properties of the files inside the destination folder to ensure that none of the files generated have a file size of 0 KB, which would hint at partial WordPerfect file generation but corruption before completion.

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