TexasBarBooks FAQs

How Can I Tell If I Have the Latest Edition or Supplement?


The TexasBarBooks catalog of titles offered for sale reflects the latest edition of each title available. Navigate from that catalog to any publication's individual web page for details.

New editions—If a new edition of a title has been published, the publication's individual web page will reflect the latest edition.

Supplements—If a loose-leaf practice manual has been supplemented, the manual's individual web page will contain a link to a separate web page with information about the supplement, including which supplements a fully up-to-date manual should contain. To find out which supplements your copy of the manual contains, check the back of the title page in any volume of the manual. The copyright dates shown on the back of the title page should include not only the date for the manual itself but also the dates of all supplements that have since been incorporated into the manual.

Digital downloads—Each digital download is updated whenever a new edition or supplement is published for the title's corresponding hard copy. In addition, TexasBarBooks occasionally updates a title's digital download between hard-copy editions or supplements. To ensure your digital download is fully up to date, review the posts on the TexasBarBooks Updates page. The Updates page is also accessible via the "Check for Updates" bookmark in the main PDF files of most digital downloads.

Online subscriptions—Each online subscription product is updated at least as frequently as the title's corresponding hard copy or digital download.

Auto-renewal service—To ensure you never miss a new edition or supplement to your hard copy or a new version of a digital download, make sure you are an auto renewer for that publication. You may be added to or cancel the auto-renewal service for any title by contacting the State Bar Sales Desk at 800-204-2222, ext. 1411, or 512-427-1411.

TexasBarBooks Contact Information

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