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How Do I Find the PDF, Word, RTF, or Excel File for an Individual Document?


Individual forms, charge language files, and other similar documents are included with most digital downloads as separate, stand-alone files in PDF, Word, RTF, or Excel, depending on the publication. You may launch the desired stand-alone file in one or more of the following ways, also depending on the publication.

It's helpful to be familiar with the folder hierarchy and file locations for the digital download in question. See how the various digital downloads are organized here.

  • Click the link for the desired document in the main PDF file

    Inside each installed digital download's parent folder is a main PDF file named for the publication (for example, "Texas Collections Manual 2016.pdf"). That PDF file contains the entire text of the published book and contains bookmarks and hyperlinked tables of contents, which may be used to quickly and easily navigate to the desired part of the book. Parts of the book that also exist as stand-alone PDF, Word, or Excel files have one or more buttons or other links at the top of the first page of that part of the main PDF file. Click the "PDF," "Word," or "Excel" button or the linked blue text to launch that part of the book as a stand-alone file in the indicated application.

  • Launch the shortcut file named for the desired document

    Many digital downloads (such as those of the forms manuals) contain intuitively named shortcut files that may be launched to open the desired document in PDF or Word. These shortcut files are organized by chapter and form numbers and names. To launch a file from one of these shortcuts, navigate to the digital download's "Forms" folder and, inside it, to the desired chapter-named subfolder (for example, the subfolder named "Ch 1 Debt Collection Law Practice") and launch the document-named shortcut (for example, the shortcut named "Form 1-1 Client Information Sheet").

  • Most digital downloads contain quick-reference indexes in either PDF or Word that list all parts available as stand-alone files and contain links to launch those files. For the Texas Pattern Jury Charges series, launch the "PJC files quick index.pdf" or "Instruction files quick index.pdf" file, navigate in that PDF file to the title of the desired charge language, and click the linked blue text to launch that charge language in Word. For the digital downloads of forms manuals and some other publications, from inside the "Forms" folder, launch the "Forms Index by Chapter.doc" or "Forms Index by Title.doc" file, navigate in that Word file to the title of the desired form, and click the linked blue text to launch that form in Word.

  • Launch the desired document from within your word processor or other appropriate application

    To access a digital download's stand-alone files from your PDF-reading, word-processing, or spreadsheet software, execute that software's File > Open command; locate and open the folder that corresponds with that type of file; if that folder is further subdivided, select and open the appropriate subfolder; and finally, select and open the desired file.

  • Open the desired document's source file itself

    Main PDF file buttons and links, shortcut files, and links in quick-index files all point to and open the digital download's actual stand-alone files, which can exist at different locations for different digital downloads and can have different file-naming conventions. If you want to open the source files themselves, see how the various digital downloads are organized here.

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