TexasBarBooks FAQs

What Software Is Required to Use the Digital Download?

  • PDF file software—Software for viewing PDF files is required to use the bookmarks, links, and buttons of the digital download's main PDF file. You may download a free copy of the Adobe Reader software (version 10.0 or later is recommended) at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

    Go here to learn more about the features of the main PDF file.

  • Word-processing software

    • Word files: Editable text files in Word are included with many but not all TexasBarBooks digital downloads. For those specifically designed for use with the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar (see the current list), Word 2007 or later is recommended. For those products that include editable text files in Word that are not specifically designed for use with the toolbar, such as with the Texas Pattern Jury Charges series, virtually any word-processing software should be compatible with the files.

    • Rich Text format (RTF) files: The editable text files included with the digital download for Arbitration Road Map exist in RTF, which should be compatible with any word-processing software.

    Go here to learn more about using the Word or RTF files.

  • Spreadsheet software—The digital download for the Texas Probate System contains Excel files of several parts of the System. Excel 2007 or later is recommended.

TexasBarBooks Contact Information

(800) 204-2222, ext. 1499
(512) 427-1499 (in Austin)