TexasBarBooks FAQs

How Do I Pay an Invoice I Received in the Mail?


To pay an invoice you received in the mail, remit one copy of the invoice with payment by check or credit card to the following address:

State Bar of Texas

Attn: Accounting

P.O. Box 12487

Austin, TX 78711-2487

If paying by credit card, fill in the spaces provided for credit card information on the copy of the invoice being remitted.

For questions about invoices and payment, please contact the State Bar Sales Desk at 800-204-2222, ext. 1411, or 512-427-1411.

Although you may purchase TexasBarBooks products online by following the purchase links for individual products at TexasBarBooks.net and may pay for those purchases online at the time of purchase, there is not yet a way to pay a mailed invoice online.

TexasBarBooks Contact Information

(800) 204-2222, ext. 1499
(512) 427-1499 (in Austin)