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What if I Can't Find the Digital Download Web Page?


Note: If you own the hard-copy publication for the digital download you are trying to access, you may refer to the download instructions in that hard copy. See Method C below.

To navigate to a digital download web page, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in at texasbarcle.com.

    If the site automatically logs you in, your name should appear in the upper left-hand portion of the page.

    If the site does not automatically log you in, manually log in.

    Then you should see your name.

    If you are not yet a registered user of the site, complete the quick, free registration.

  2. After logging in, use one of the three methods below to access the initial download web page.

    • Method A: If you purchased the product on texasbarcle.com, on the site's home page, near the bottom of the left vertical menu, select "My Purchases."

      My Purchases button

      The site should then forward you to a page containing a list of your online purchases with links to any digital downloads associated with those purchases.

    • Method B: If you purchased the product on texasbarcle.com, you should also have received an automated email from the site with a link to the digital download web page. You may follow the link in that email.

      Email with link
    • Method C: If your purchase includes a hard copy of the publication, you may refer to the "How to Download . . ." pages in that hard copy. Most loose-leaf publications will have a "How to Download . . ." tab near the beginning of volume 1, and most perfect-bound books will have a "How to Download . . ." section near the back of the book (check the table of contents). Get the digital download URL from those pages and follow the steps below:

      After logging in to texasbarcle.com, up in the browser's address bar, select all text after "texasbarcle.com/."

      Address bar highlighted

      Modify the selected text to change the URL into the one you got from the hard copy's "How to Download . . ." pages and press your keyboard's "Enter" key. The "http://" and "www" are optional for most browsers.

  3. The initial download web page should look similar to the one below. Follow the prompts to download the version of the digital download you want.

    Download web page

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