TexasBarBooks FAQs

What If I Can't Run the "Windows" Executable (EXE) File?


If your PC will not run the "Windows" executable (EXE) digital download automatic-installation file, check first to see if you have full administrative privileges on that PC. If you do not have full administrative privileges, contact your network administrator for assistance.

If your PC still has trouble running the EXE file even after you've acquired full administrative privileges, or if you choose not to run the file, you can install the digital download manually using the "Macintosh" ZIP file instead. If the ZIP file is used to install the digital download on a Window system, however, the product must be manually extracted from the ZIP file to function properly. After extracting the contents of the ZIP file, you may copy or move the product-named parent folder (and all its contents) to the desired hard drive location.

If the digital download is one that uses the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar, if the digital download is manually installed on a PC using the "Macintosh" ZIP file, and if the toolbar isn't already installed on that PC (e.g., from a previous digital download installation), the toolbar must also be manually installed. (See the toolbar manual-installation instructions.)

Note: Although the "Macintosh" ZIP file will work on either Windows or Macintosh systems, neither the "Windows" EXE file nor the Navigational Toolbar is Macintosh-compatible.

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