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What if Nothing Seems to Download or Install on My Computer?


See below for tips on the following issues:

Nothing seemed to happen when I clicked the "Download" button

If nothing seems to happen when you click the "Download" button, it's possible that the file did in fact download but your computer provided you with little or no notice of that fact. It's also possible that your computer's security settings are preventing the download.

  • How to find a downloaded installation file

    1. First check if the edges of the browser window give any indication that a file has downloaded.

    2. If the browser window gives no indication that the file has downloaded, using Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to your "Downloads" folder and see if the file is inside.

    3. If you believe your computer might automatically download files to a different location, you may use My Computer to conduct a file search on, for example, your entire local hard drive (usually the C:\ drive) for the first part of the appropriate digital download file name, which should be the title of the publication.

    4. If you find the file using one of the above methods, double-click it to launch it. When it launches, pay particular attention to the product name and year to ensure you didn't inadvertently find and relaunch the installation file for a different product that you successfully downloaded and installed months or even years earlier.

  • Security settings might be blocking the download

    Your computer's or your browser's security settings might have prevented the file from downloading.

    • If the limitation is a browser setting, your browser window might present you with a notice that you can click to allow the download to proceed.

    • Computer- and network-level security settings can vary widely and are beyond the scope of these tips. If you suspect this is the source of the trouble, contact your network administrator for assistance.

The file downloaded, but nothing seemed to install

Note: This section applies to digital download installation files designed for Windows, not those designed for Macintosh.

If the installation file initiated, you should have seen a window similar to the following.

If you did not see this window, the installation did not run.

If you were able to download the digital download's installation file, but the installation didn't initiate or finish, you may try the following.

  • The file might have been saved but did not launch automatically

    One possible cause is that the automatic installation file was saved to your computer after download instead of being run. If you suspect this is the source of the trouble, you may search for the saved file and manually initiate it by double-clicking it, or you may download the file again, making sure to select "Run" instead of "Save" when presented with the download window.

  • You might not have sufficient administrative privileges to run the file

    Another potential source of trouble for the automatic installation file is limited administrative privileges. If you do not have full administrative privileges on your computer, contact your system administrator.

Manual installation using the ZIP file version

If you don't have the time to contact TexasBarBooks for assistance, if your network administrator is unable to help, and if you are trying to download the "Windows" version of the product (an executable file), you may instead try downloading the "Macintosh" version (a ZIP file). The "Macintosh" ZIP file is also Windows-compatible but will require one or two additional steps for installation:

On Windows systems, the contents of our digital download ZIP files must be manually extracted for all features of the digital download to work. After extracting the contents of the ZIP file, you may copy or move the product-named parent folder (and all its contents) to the desired hard drive location.

For digital downloads that use the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar (see the current list), if the toolbar has not already been installed by a previous product's automatic-installation file, the toolbar will have to be manually installed.

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