TexasBarBooks FAQs

What Does the Digital Download Contain?


The digital download contains an exact representation of the printed book in PDF.

Depending on the book, the digital download also contains—

  • editable text files of forms in MS Word (see the list of digital downloads that include Word forms designed to use the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar);
  • charge language/instruction files in Word or RTF (Texas Pattern Jury Charges series); or
  • other relevant documents for use by your office.

See the important note about using the digital download's editable text files to prepare documents in your office.

Some products also include the full text of selected CLE articles from the TexasBarCLE Online Library or forms available from state and federal agencies as PDF files.

The digital download for the Texas Probate System also contains stand-alone Excel and PDF versions of several parts of the System.

The digital downloads' PDF files are fully word-searchable. Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Casemaker database online. Tables of contents, internal cross-references, and indexes are hyperlinked to allow for easy, rapid navigation to substantive topics of interest.

Go here to learn more about the features of the main PDF file and here to learn more about using the Word or RTF files.

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