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Two of the most important law practice management issues that must be addressed when setting up and running a law practice are: (1) organizing your law practice and (2) creating and maintaining the financial health of your practice. Under this tab, you will find information related to writing a business plan, evaluating your office needs, preparing for the unexpected (contingency planning), establishing proper file retention policies, etc.

Please remember to research TexasBarCLE Law Practice Management CLE options, which also cover many of these topics: http://www.texasbarcle.com/CLE/LMHome.asp.
How to Prepare a Cash-Flow Budget  (Online Resource)  
A Lawyer’s Guide to Client Trust Accounts  (Online Resource)  

This guide is intended to assist Texas lawyers to comply with Rule 1.14 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, also known as the trust account. “The publication, ‘A Lawyer's Guide to Client Trust Accounts’, was developed specifically to assist Texas lawyers in complying with Rule 1.14 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct which governs the safekeeping of property. This rule is commonly referred to as the trust account rule. Unfortunately, and all too often, lawyers who fail to follow Rule 1.14 become part of the lawyer discipline system administered by the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel and face severe sanctions, including disbarment. It is imperative that the public is protected from lawyer misconduct. Equally imperative, however, is for lawyers to have the information they need in order to adhere to the disciplinary rules and protect themselves from the grievance process. Please take the time to read ‘A Lawyer's Guide to Client Trust Accounts’ to determine how this information may benefit you and your law firm.” -Ronald E. Bunch, Chair of the Commission for Lawyer Discipline.

How to Set Up Your Client Trust Accounts (Online Resource)  
Vital information for Opening/Managing a Trust Account on the Texas Access to Justice Foundation Website (Online Resource)